The right expert legal consultant is crucial to your success. We provide legal case review and expert opinion consultations for drug therapy and infusion therapy cases and drug-related malpractice issues.

Case Screening and Review

We provide assistance with case reviews and screening of medical-legal cases, criminal or civil, and can create and sign affidavits of merit in states requiring affidavits.  We also provide strategic medical-legal case planning. When appropriate, we can file affidavits stating that a particular claim has merit.  Our focus is largely drug-related malpractice issues such as hazardous drug exposure, hazardous drug toxicity, chemotherapy exposure, hazardous drug risk assessment, hazardous drug handling, USP 800 compliance, proper handling of hazardous drugs and worker risks from hazardous drugs.

Trial Preparation and Literature Reviews

Trial preparation for attorneys, as well as plaintiffs and defendants, with regard to specific medical and drug information and knowledge is just one of the specialty services we provide.  We also provide assistance with evaluation of medical evidence and preparation of medical expert witnesses and drug therapy expert witnesses for trial.  In addition, our group can create expert medical and legal literature reviews upon request.

 Drug Therapy and Infusion Therapy Expert Witnesses

Sometimes, a case requires a medical expert witness who has experience in a particular area of the medical industry, such as drug therapy, infusion therapy or hazardous drug exposure.  In these instances, it is helpful to find a drug therapy expert witness with appropriate licensing, experience and expertise such as a pharmacist, hospital administrator, nurse, etc.   Our group provides legal case review and expert opinion for hazardous drug exposure, intravenous (IV) therapy, infusion-related malpractice issues and general cases involving drug therapy controversies and contention. Our expert opinions are based on extensive clinical and legal experience. To date, we have managed the therapy of over 100,000 patients. We’ll provide a thorough, honest opinion using current drug and IV therapy references and NHIA/ASHP/USP 797 Standards of Practice for any case (plaintiff or defense) set before us.