About Us

The Infusion Therapy Expert Witness Group is uniquely qualified to assist you with legal case review and expert opinion consultations for drug therapy and infusion therapy cases and drug-related malpractice issues.  Our group consists of three experts each with 20-30 years of experience in the areas of drug therapy, infusion therapy and expert witness/legal consulting services.

When you contact us for a consultation, you will receive a skilled and compassionate evaluation of your clinical documentation and a rapid response giving our initial impressions of the merits of your concerns. If warranted, this initial impression can be followed up with written, referenced opinions, depositions and court-room testimony, if needed. The right expert legal consultant is crucial to your success.

Michael Rigas, Pharm.D.

  •  Licensed pharmacist
  •  Graduate, University of Southern California School of Pharmacy
  •  Residency at University of California, San Francisco
  •  Key positions:
    •  Chief Clinical Officer, KabaFusion Pharmacy
    •  Associate Chief Innovation Officer for Pharmaceutical Care, Geisinger Health Systems
    •  Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs at Crescent Healthcare Inc
  •  Extensive testimony experience
  •  Has met and survived the Daubert Challenge
  •  Excellent credentials with related clinical and scientific publications
  •  Track record of success
  •  Excellent communicator who collaborates with counsel and their team members to facilitate a positive outcome of the case

Dr. Michael Rigas provides legal case review and expert opinion for intravenous (IV) therapy, drug therapy and infusion-related malpractice issues. Dr. Rigas bases his expert opinions on his extensive clinical experience. To date, he has managed the therapy of over 100,000 acute/chronic infusion patients. He has also gained a vast amount of experience as an expert witness over the last 20 years, during which time he has consulted on over 50 cases. He will provide a thorough, honest opinion using current IV therapy references and NHIA/ASHP/USP 797 Standards of Practice for any case (plaintiff or defense) set before him. Dr. Rigas is currently a practicing IV therapy clinician in the outpatient and acute care setting.

Rad Dillon, R.Ph., M.A., ASQ CMQ/QE, ACHC CAC

  • Registered pharmacist
  • Graduate, University of Texas at Austin
  • Key positions:
    •  Pharmacy Director, PharMerica
    •  Regional Operations Manager, Bioscrip, Inc.
  • Extensive auditing, accreditation and regulatory experience
  • ASQ Certified Manager of Quality and Organization Excellence
  • Excellent credentials with related quality management and training publications
  • Track record of success
  • Excellent communicator who collaborates with counsel and their team members to facilitate a positive outcome of the case

Mr. Dillon provides legal case review and expert opinions with an emphasis on regulatory, quality and drug therapy and infusion-related malpractice issues. Mr. Dillon has provided operational management, regulatory support, clinical guidance and quality modeling to top pharmacies throughout the United States both as an employee and as a consultant.


Lisa Sewell, R.N. , CRNI, BCLNC

Lisa Sewell, R.N., CRNI, BCLNC

  • Registered nurse in practice for 22 years
  • Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion (CRNI), considered “expert-level” in the field of infusion nursing
  • Board Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (BCLNC) since 2005
  • Extensive experience in case review, deposition preparation and depositions
  • Previous administrative and management experience includes development of infusion competence programs with competency validation, training of over thirty nursing teams in infusion competency and the development of policies for medication Informed consent

 Ms. Sewell has provided medical malpractice case reviews in several specialty areas including aminoglycoside dosage errors, special infusion complications, central line complications and antineoplastic complications. In addition, she has served as a legal nurse consultant for Medical Resource Network, Inc., Option Care, Inc. and Amerita, Inc.